Dock - Rumex Sp.

Family: Polygonaceae - Buckwheat Family

"Habit: Annual to perennial herb; glabrous or papillate and hairy; rhizomed, stoloned, or generally from taproot with a short caudex; occasionally dioecious. Stem: prostrate, decumbent, or generally erect to ascending, often +- ridged, red-brown in fruit, nodes +- swollen. Leaf: generally basal and cauline, alternate, petioled except uppermost cauline; ocreae deciduous to persistent. Inflorescence: axillary or generally terminal, generally panicle-like. Flower: generally bisexual, bell-shaped, glabrous, green, +- pink, or red; perianth lobes 6, persistent, in fruit outer 3 +- inconspicuous, inner 3 enlarged, hardened, +- veiny, covering fruit, midrib of 1--3 often expanded into tubercle; stamens 6; stigmas 3, fringed. Fruit: achene, glabrous, +- black or dark brown to +- red.
Species In Genus: 190--200 species: +- worldwide, 63 in North America. Etymology: (Latin: sorrel) Note: Mature inner perianth lobes generally needed for identification. Species often hybridize." [Jepson]

Local Species;

  1. Rumex acetosa - Common Sorrel
  2. Rumex acetosella - sheep sorrel
  3. Rumex occidentalis (Syn. Rumex aquaticus) - western dock
  4. Rumex britannica - Greater water dock
  5. Rumex conglomeratus - clustered dock
  6. Rumex crispus - curled dock
  7. Rumex fueginus - golden dock
  8. Rumex obtusifolius - bitter dock
  9. Rumex triangulivalvis - willow dock
  10. Rumex transitorius - Pacific willow dock

Common Sorrel - Rumex acetosa


"Botanical assessment of this taxon in British Columbia has shown that Rumex acetosa is a rare introduction in BC that is known from only one site on the Saanich Penisula (Lomer pers. comm. 2012). There is a lag time between specimen re-identification and incorporation of that into the databases we use for mapping." [E-flora-1]

Sheep Sorrel - Rumex acetosella