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Balsamorhiza Sp. – Balsam Root

Family: Asteraceae - Sunflower

Plant Soap Topical Use

Local Species;

Other Species in B.C.;

Balsamorhiza Spp.

Introduction: Balsamorhiza is a genus of 14 species distributed widely over western North America. [Bohm FSF]

Description: “These are low perennial herbs with thick rhizomes, and the leaves are mostly basal, large, and long petioled. The yellow flowering heads are large and showy, mostly on long peduncles. Balsamroot is often confused with Wyethia (mule-ears), which can be found in similar habitats. However, Wyethia leaves lack the fuzzy gray appearance seen on the balsamroot.” [Vizgirdas WPSN]

Food Use:

Medicinal Use:

Balsamorhiza deltoidea - Puget Balsam Root, Deltoid Balsam Root (Local Species)

Balsamorhiza hookeri - Balsam Root, Hooker’s Balsamroot, Hairy Balsamroot

Balsamorhiza macrophylla

Balsamorhiza sagittata - Oregon Sunflower, Arrowleaf Balsamroot

Medicinal Uses:

Balsamorhiza terebinthinacea


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