Family: Asteracea (Sunflower/Aster)

Essential Oil Various (Depending on Species)

Annual to shrub, generally aromatic. Leaf: entire to +/- lobed, glabrous to densely hairy; hairs glandular (resin-filled) or T-shaped, hollow. Inflorescence: heads discoid or disciform, in spike-, raceme-, or generally panicle-like clusters; involucre ovoid to hemispheric, generally concealing flowers; phyllaries in 1-several series, persistent, margins scarious; receptacle hemispheric to conic, generally epaleate, generally glabrous. Pistillate flower: 0-many; corolla generally <= 2 mm, tubular, rarely short ray-like extension present. Disk flower: 3-many, generally bisexual, sometimes staminate (ovary vestigial, style branches remaining erect or style unbranched, tip expanded, tack-shaped); corolla <= 2.5 mm, +/- pale yellow, tube < throat, lobes short-triangular; anther tip acute-ovate to awl-shaped; style tips flat, truncate, hair-fringed. Fruit: < 2 mm, obovoid or fusiform, sometimes ribbed, glabrous, hairy, or resin-gland-dotted; pappus generally 0 or minute crown.
+/- 400 species: especially northern hemisphere. (Greek: Artemis, goddess of the hunt, noted herbalist, Queen of Anatolia) [Shultz 2006 FNANM 19:503-534; Shultz 2009 Syst Bot Monogr 89:1-131] Reports of Artemisia campestris L. subsp. pacifica (Nutt.) H.M. Hall & Clem. for California unconfirmed. Artemisia arbuscula var. thermopola Beetle not in California. Artemisia absinthium L. often cultivated, may persist, perhaps naturalizing in northeastern California. Recent studies place Sphaeromeria in the Artemisia clade (Garcia et al. 2011 Amer J Bot). [Jepson]

Local Species;

  1. Artemisia absinthium - wormwood [E-flora]
  2. Artemisia biennis - biennial wormwood [E-flora]
  3. Artemisia borealis ssp borealis - boreal wormwood [E-flora]
  4. Artemisia campestris - northern wormwood [E-flora][TSFTK]
  5. Artemisia dracunculus - Tarragon [TSFTK]
  6. Artemisia norvegica - mountain sagewort [E-flora][TSFTK]
  7. Artemisia suksdorfii - Suksdorf's mugwort [E-flora][PCBC]
  8. Artemisia tilesii - Aleutian mugwort [E-flora]
  9. Artemisia vulgaris - common mugwort [E-flora]

Artemisia biennis

Artemisia campestris

Artemisia norvegica

Artemisia tilesii - "Ledeb. (sagebrush).

Artemisia suksdorfii

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Artemisia absinthium [E-flora]

Artemisia biennis [E-flora]

Artemisia borealis [E-flora]

Artemisia campestris [E-flora]

Artemisia dracunculus [E-flora]

Artemisia norvegica [E-flora]

Artemisia suksdorfii [E-flora]

Artemisia tilesii [E-flora]

Artemisia vulgaris [E-flora]


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