Juncus Sp.– Rush

Pollution, Sprouts (limited info), Fiber, Weaving, Remediation, Various (limited info)

“(From Latin iuncus, for a rush, derived from iugere, to tie or bind, from the use of stems for that purpose; akin to Akkadian unqu, uqqu, ring, Greek onkos, hook).... The genus contains about 300 species and is nearly cosmopolitan (Mabberley 1997). Europe has 53 species and Kartesz (1993) lists more than 100 for North America. In addition to these 2, Moerman (1998) listed 12 others that were used by North American tribes.” [Daniel F. Austin]

Local Species;

  • Juncus acuminatus - tapered rush [E-flora]
  • Juncus albescens - whitish rush [E-flora]
  • Juncus alpinoarticulatus - alpine rush [E-flora]
  • Juncus anthelatus - giant path rush [E-flora]
  • Juncus arcticus - arctic rush [E-flora]
  • Juncus articulatus - jointed rush [E-flora]
  • Juncus balticus - Baltic rush [E-flora]
  • Juncus biglumis - two-flowered rush [E-flora]
  • Juncus bolanderi - Bolander's rush [E-flora]
  • Juncus brevicaudatus - short-tailed rush [E-flora]
  • Juncus breweri - Brewer's rush [E-flora]
  • Juncus bufonius - toad rush [E-flora]
  • Juncus bulbosus - bulbous rush [E-flora]
  • Juncus canadensis- Canadian rush [E-flora]
  • Juncus castaneus - chestnut rush [E-flora]
  • Juncus compressus - compressed rush [E-flora]
  • Juncus confusus - Colorado rush [E-flora]
  • Juncus conglomeratus - compact rush [E-flora]
  • Juncus covillei - Coville's rush [E-flora]
  • Juncus drummondii - Drummond's rush [E-flora]
  • Juncus dudleyi - Dudley's rush [E-flora]
  • Juncus effusus - common rush [E-flora]
  • Juncus ensifolius - dagger-leaf rush [E-flora]
  • Juncus falcatus - sickle-leaved rush [E-flora]
  • Juncus filiformis - thread rush [E-flora]
  • Juncus gerardii - Gerard's rush [E-flora]
  • Juncus haenkei - Haenke's rush [E-flora]
  • Juncus hemiendytus - Herman's dwarf rush [E-flora]
  • Juncus hesperius - common rush [E-flora]
  • Juncus interior - inland rush [E-flora]
  • Juncus kelloggii - Kellogg's rush [E-flora]
  • Juncus laccatus - common rush [E-flora]
  • Juncus longistylis - long-styled rush [E-flora]
  • Juncus marginatus - grass-leaf rush [E-flora]
  • Juncus mertensianus - Mertens' rush [E-flora]
  • Juncus nevadensis - Sierra rush [E-flora]
  • Juncus nodosus - tuberous rush [E-flora]
  • Juncus occidentalis - western rush [E-flora]
  • Juncus oxymeris - pointed rush [E-flora]
  • Juncus parryi - Parry's rush [E-flora]
  • Juncus pelocarpus - brown-fruit rush [E-flora]
  • Juncus pylaei - soft rush [E-flora]
  • Juncus regelii - Regel's rush [E-flora]
  • Juncus squarrosus - heath rush [E-flora]
  • Juncus stygius - bog rush [E-flora]
  • Juncus supiniformis - spreading rush [E-flora]
  • Juncus tenuis - slender rush [E-flora]
  • Juncus torreyi - Torrey's rush [E-flora]
  • Juncus tracyi - Tracy's rush [E-flora]
  • Juncus triglumis - three-flowered rush [E-flora]
  • Juncus vaseyi - Vasey's rush [E-flora]

Juncus Sp.

Anti-Nutritional Factors: Food Use: “The early sprouts of another grass-like plant, or soft rush (Juncus effusus) in the rush family (Juncaceae), were sometimes eaten raw by the Snuqualmi of Washington (Gunther, 1973), and the "bulb" of Juncus ensifolius ("J. xiphioides") was eaten by the Swinomish according to one source (Gunther, 1973).”[Turner, Kuhnlein] Other Use

Medicinal Use



Juncus acutus

Juncus bufonius

Juncus canadensis – Canadian Rush

Juncus communis

Juncus conglomeratus

Juncus cooperi

Basketry: ”the tough lemon-colored scapes of Juncus cooperi were split for Koso Panamint sewing strands”[Anderson TTW]

Juncus effusus

Habitat/Range: Marshes and humid meadows [Conti VFNP]


Other Uses:

Medicinal Uses: “Diuretic, sexually transmitted diseases, anti-inflammation.” [CRNAH]




Juncus filiformis

Juncus grisebachii

Juncus inflexus

Juncus maritimus

Juncus rigidus

Juncus roemerianus

Phytochemistry: Cultivation:

Juncus subsecundus


Juncus textilis


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